The domicile of the social services for adults in Moravsky Sväty Jan is an autonomous fiscal establihment which was set-up by the Tranavas municipal region.

The capacity of the house is 110 customers (the adult men) with the year-long stay. We provide the services to the clients with the mental disorders, disorders of behaviour, physical disorders or the combination of above mentioned disorders.

The providing of the social services is set-up in the Act. Nr. 448/2008 about the social services as amended by the subsequence regulations. The providing of the services is covered by 64 employees.

The domicile of the social services for adults is localized in an antique manor house from the end of the second part of the 18th century and in its additional building. In frame of providing social services we secure the labour therapy, cultural, recreational activity in consideration of the diagnostic comjposition, age, interests and the health condition of the inhabitants of the house.

In area of the labour therapy we are focused on the works regarding to the customization of the area and the park of the domicile, works in the garden, handwork – making of needlework, products from the wood and the various decorative objects.

Clients have the possibility to fulfil themselves in the various areas of interests, they take place in many social events where the objects of their work are presented.

We arrange the recreational, knowledge and the many other stays for our clients